Andreas Johansson

Welcome to the home page of me! This is basically a presentation of my work, my interests and yours truly. I am doing my PhD in Gamma-Ray Bursts at the University of Iceland and I live in Reykjavík, Iceland. I was born and raised in Alingsås, a town a few tens of kilometers east of Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Those who study the skies innocently without using mathematics will be reborn as a bird" is what Plato said, and I tend to agree. The wonderful beauty of understanding the hows and whys of the sky is really what keeps me going. At my spare time, I like to design, construct and fly model aircraft, and compete in Aircombat, an international game that recreates the air battles of world war two air battles by dogfighting with r/c engine powered replicas at 1:12 scale. I also write and play music on an amature level, enjoy being outdoors (which makes Iceland a perfect place to live) and write short stories.

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Vikingabloggen - my blog about life in Iceland (in Swedish)

Science - a short presentation of my work and interest in science

Model aeroplanes and Aircombat - a collection of presentations of aircraft I have build over the years

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Till 15f: Länk till omröstning

Current activities

Astro photography

I have been trying out to do some astro photography with my new camera, a Canon EOS 600D with a 18-55 mm lens. There is a small peninsula outside Reykjavík, Iceland, called Geldinganes that is totally without any artificial lights. Mounting the camera on a tripod a clear evening gave me this beautiful aurora time-lapse (click the image to see the video on YouTube):

It is also possible to do long-time exposures with this camera. Here is our neighbour galaxy M-31 Andromeda, and in the next picture the Pleiades and the Milky Way:

(click for fully resolved pictures)

Short story club

Some friends and me are running an open Short Story Club. Anyone in the club suggests e.g. a theme, a starting paragraph, a list of words that the author should include in the story. Then the members that are interested sharpen their pen and write a short story that we send to each other by some agreed dead-line. For now we wright in Swedish, but wouldn't mind writing in English if international members would like to join in. Send me a mail if you are interested to join us!